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Fanged (EBOOK)

Fanged (EBOOK)

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eBook. Book #1 in the Fanged Young Adult Urban Fantasy series.

A teen vampire romance as told by the third wheel.

Family dating rules were pretty clear—no humans. But the undead heart wants what it wants and Haddie’s high school boyfriend ended up dead because of it. Now her brother Damian is repeating history and the same fate’s lined up for a very non-vampire, Madelyn.

With the girl’s throat on the line, they don’t have many options. Soon all three of them are on the run. Hunted across country by dear old dad’s enforcers, they’ll need help from the humans who hate them most. Assuming they all live that long.

Reading order

0. Human***
1. Fanged
2. Fanged Outcast
3. Fanged Kindred
4. Fanged Rebel

***Human is a prequel novella. It can be read before or after the main novellas.

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