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Ensaadi (EBOOK)

Ensaadi (EBOOK)

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eBook. Book #1 in the Warlords of the Sandsea series.

"Love or power, Talitha. No one can have both."

Ensaadi Talitha of Ilios is the warlord’s heir who dreams of peace. Finally, she has the chance to broker a marriage between two feuding tribes, but her efforts are shattered when her besotted cousin claims the bridegroom. The treachery forces Talitha and her warriors to flee back to Ilios.

Only through an uneasy alliance with a band of mercenary Dunedrifters and their enigmatic leader can her people hope to make it home. With the lives of her warriors and the safety of her city at stake, Talitha will be forced to make the hardest decisions of her life.

As an ensaadi, no matter what Talitha may want, a heart is a luxury and a conscience is a curse.

Ensaadi is a 30,000 word novella and the first in the all-new Warlords of the Sandsea romance adventure series.

Reading order

0. Magian***
1. Ensaadi
2. Dunedrifter
3. Battleslave
4. Ensaak
5. Ensii
6. Warsworn
7. Cursebound
8. Mercy Vow
9. Stonedweller (coming Summer 2024)

***Magian is a prequel novella that tells the story of Kasrei and Gilsazi. It can be read before or after the main series.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gianna C.

Fun, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable!

Nicitha Ihrström

Like always with Elisabeths books it feels too short! Only because it is so easy to read and never put down!

Alexis Wydeck

Ensaadi (EBOOK)