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Daindreth's Sorceress (PAPERBACK)

Daindreth's Sorceress (PAPERBACK)

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Paperback. Book #4 in the Daindreth's Assassin series.

They overcame his mother’s plots and broke both their curses, but can they survive his inheritance?

Amira Brindonu has won. The man she loves has been freed from his curse and her mother’s people have chosen to ally with their cause.

Even as Amira and Daindreth celebrate victory and Thadred grows in his power as a sorcerer, trouble stirs on the horizon. Not everyone is ready to recognize the rightful heir. Vesha’s reign brought the empire peace and prosperity. Many lords and barons must be convinced if they are to swear allegiance to Daindreth.

Meanwhile, Vesha seeks out greater power. In a desperate effort to protect the empire, she will make yet another deal with a fallen goddess. And this time, Vesha is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone—even herself.

 Daindreth’s Sorceress is the fourth book in the five-book Daindreth’s Assassin Fantasy Romance series.

Reading order

0. The Archduke***
1. Daindreth’s Assassin
2. Daindreth’s Outlaw
3. Daindreth’s Traitor
4. Daindreth’s Sorceress
5. Daindreth’s Empress (releases January 2024)

***The Archduke is a companion novella showing events from Daindreth's perspective in the first half of Book #1. It can be read before or after the main books.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Did not finish

I got through the first three, but about 100 pages into this one, I had to accept that this is just not a good series. Most of the characters are boring, flat, and poorly written. I can’t bring myself to root for anyone but Vesha because she’s carrying the whole thing at this point. And she’s the antagonist. I wanted to support this author because I enjoyed her skits, but her actual writing doesn’t live up to their quality.

Destinie Stephenson
Daindreth's series

They are awesome! I can't wait to read the other books you wrote. As soon as they have a paper copy they are mine. I will buy every book you publish(physical copy) just because of the packaging alone. The care you put into the books, how well cared for they were made me instantly like you! No one else I know (aside from me) takes such care with books.

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