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Daindreth's Empress (EBOOK)

Daindreth's Empress (EBOOK)

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eBook. Book #5 in the Daindreth's Assassin series.

An empire can have only one ruler.

Amira Brindonu Fanduillion has been crowned alongside her husband, the rightful heir to the Erymayan Empire. They have survived assassination attempts and schemes within the palace to retake the throne and begin their reign. It appears to be their moment of victory, until reports of a rampaging demon horde reach them from the countryside.

Vesha, Daindreth's mother and the former empress, has made a deal with a fallen goddess for the empire's protection. But no one wins a deal with demons and as the cythraul spiral out of Vesha's control, she grows more desperate by the day. She hopes that by freeing the fallen goddess, order will be restored—but at what cost?

Alongside Thadred and their Istovari allies, Amira and Daindreth set out to stop Vesha and her demon horde, desperate to reach her in time. The stakes have never been higher, and they might lose far more than just the throne.

As the very gods vie for control of the continent, Amira and Daindreth's work to bring peace might be over before it has even begun.

Daindreth's Empress is the thrilling conclusion to the Fantasy Romance Daindreth's Assassin series.

Reading order

0. The Archduke***
1. Daindreth’s Assassin
2. Daindreth’s Outlaw
3. Daindreth’s Traitor
4. Daindreth’s Sorceress
5. Daindreth’s Empress (releases January 2024)

***The Archduke is a companion novella showing events from Daindreth's perspective in the first half of Book #1. It can be read before or after the main books.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
How dare

If you told me I'd be here crying over a playboy getting a hug from a single mother I would be very confused. But here I am. I am personally offended at how much this book series made me feel. 11/10 would inflict on others.

Fabulous read!

I bought the whole series and have blown through every word like I was starving and these books were my only nourishment. The author has crafted a fantastical world with a rich political climate that feels real and wholly fleshed out without getting too much in the weeds with extraneous details. The series builds to a wonderful climax in the last book and I am very glad to have read it all. I am also excited for the next installment to continue Thadred's story!

Georgia Goodwin

Absolutely amazing series! I finished all five books in three days!

Aminah Cherry
slow and not much romance

this is a romance just like Mission impossible is. Like there are elements of potential romance there or realized romance, but it’s super minor compared to the main plot. I would say that this is a fantasy novel/ series not a romantasy. It takes a really long time for either the hero or the heroine to even like each other. I read this book because I like Ilona Andrews, and this book was supposed to have a strong heroine, but the heroine is not super strong outside of her martial arts- and even then she gets beat by other assassins or essentially slaves in the book/ series multiple times- I was expecting some cool, female, assassin and almost enemies to lovers plot with the fantasy elements and this is definitely not that. Overall it’s still a good book but just not what I was looking for.


Daindreth's Empress (EBOOK)

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