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Elisabeth Wheatley

Daindreth's Assassin (EBOOK)

Daindreth's Assassin (EBOOK)

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eBook. Book #1 in the Daindreth's Assassin series.

Born to be a sorceress. Cursed to be an assassin. Chosen to be his empress.

Magic has two immutable rules—every spell requires a sacrifice and every curse can be broken.

Amira Brindonu is a sorceress turned assassin, bound in a curse that forces her to obey her father, even to the point of high treason. When he orders her to kill the future emperor, she fails, but discovers a secret that could bring the whole of the empire to its knees.

The archduke is stricken by a curse that could sentence him and his people to damnation, but Amira could be the only key to breaking it. In a desperate last-ditch effort, the archduke takes Amira prisoner and makes a pact to protect her from her curse if she will help free him of his own.

As time begins to run out, Amira soon learns that there are enemies that blades can’t touch and there are fates worse than death. Caught in a web of sorcery, intrigue, and her growing feelings for the archduke, the assassin must decide just how much she is willing to give to save the only man she’s ever loved.

Every curse can be broken, but can two cursed people save each other?

A fresh Fantasy Romance series that is sure to delight fans of Sarah J. Maas, Kristin Cashore, and Leigh Bardugo.

Reading order

0. The Archduke***
1. Daindreth’s Assassin
2. Daindreth’s Outlaw
3. Daindreth’s Traitor
4. Daindreth’s Sorceress 
5. Daindreth’s Empress (releases January 2024)

***The Archduke is a companion novella showing events from Daindreth's perspective in the first half of Book #1. It can be read before or after the main books.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Диляна Стойчева
loved it

Well, i definitely didn't expext to love it this much, but I did!
I wish Amira had some more time to fall properly in love with Daindreth, but still, i could believe she did fall for him after all she'd faced before.

Jayelle May

Good fantasy elements. Interesting magic system.

Amanda R
I read the whole series in 2 weeks

It's a good series, one of the few where I've felt they made the villains properly sympathetic, without dismissing how terrible their actions were. I enjoyed the world a lot, and that the author gave her side characters room to grow when they needed it. There was also a good balance of romance and main plot. I never felt like important story got put aside for romance, which is nice.

As for the spicy scenes themselves (because I've seen online this info matters to some people), there's just a handful in the last 2 books, and tbh they feel like they are written more to show the progression of trust/affection between Daindreth and Amira. They don't drag on in an attempt to excite the reader, so I personally wouldn't really classify them as spicy. 😅 Idk, it's mild spice with a purpose, it shows character development at the same time.

I recommend try the first book at least. There's strong character themes throughout. The style is easy to read, while still feeling like it's meant for adults who don't need all the ideas spoon fed to them. And tbh it got me out of a 10yr reading slump, I will likely check out her other books once I have the money, but in the mean time I have a backlog a mile long I can start again. :)

Couldn’t put it down!

So easy to get sucked into the world with its fantastical creatures and compelling character arcs. So glad I found this; it’s looking like it’ll turn out as a favourite!

I loved it!

It has everything a good fantasy book ought to have: love, action, magic, royalty. Only thing missing would be dragons 😉. I especially enjoyed, the length of the book! Thanks Elizabeth ❤️

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