Bastard's Honor


A crippled knight.
A widowed sorceress.
And a second chance at love—and revenge.

Born a noblewoman's bastard, Thadred has risen to become High Inquisitor, tasked with hunting escaped cythraul demons across the land. Despite the injuries that left him maimed for life, he has become indispensable to the empire.

Sair was a widowed sorceress who has become one of the Empress Amira's most trusted emissaries and confidantes. A skilled healer and spy, Sair works to ensure peace wherever the empress sends her.

A year ago, Thadred and Sair helped save the world from a fallen goddess, but it's not safe just yet. Unrest ripples through the empire, stray demons lurk in the shadows, and the denizens of a defeated witch still linger.

Now one of those denizens has taken Sair's young son.

Worse, they soon realize the boy's abduction may have more to do with the cythraul demons than anyone thought. Something evil is at work, and Thadred and Sair must stop it before it rains terror on the unsuspecting empire.

Bastard's Honor is a second-chance Fantasy Romance that takes place after the events of the Daindreth's Assassin series. It will contain heavy spoilers for the Daindreth's Assassin series, but can be read separately.