Writing Update: January 2014

The other day, I was getting mad because a few authors whose work I’ve enjoyed have failed to offer updates on sequels. Then I realized—I haven’t given updates in awhile and it was time to fix that!


2013 was a big year that began with Fanged Princess’ release, followed by The Chalice of Malvron, and ended with Fanged Outcast, the sequel to FP. I completed the first drafts of books 4 and 5 in the Argetallam Saga as well as the premier novel in a new Epic Fantasy Romance series that has been garnering some attention, but more on that later.

My goal for this year is to finish drafting the last two books in the Argetallam Saga and publish the fourth novel in the series before Christmas. Right now, I would say we are looking at a July/August release for The Temple of Tarkoth with Fanged Princess 3 to follow a month or two later. (But it might be sooner, we shall have to see.)


The first draft of the third novella in the Fanged Princess series is set to be done by this weekend and sometime after that it’s off to writing the sixth Argetallam book and editing my newest word baby, Daindreth’s Assassin. If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably seen my board for this series and know that I am very, very much in love with it. It’s a true epic fantasy about an assassin who falls for the prince she was hired to kill and my goal is to get it beta-ready by July-ish and publish it sometime in 2015 around late spring/summer, but ONLY after I finish writing the Argetallam Saga. Janir’s story is one I want to tell right and I think she and her friends (and enemies) deserve to be taken care of first.


The prospect of coming to the end of Janir’s tale is more than a little daunting, as Janir has been with me for close to a decade now, but at the same time I can’t wait to see if everything unfolds as I envisioned years ago. However, there is a certain Argetallam mortahn and a pair of young lovers who just might get their own books. We shall have to see.

I am very excited to share with you all Haddie and Janir’s upcoming adventures and I am just giddy for you to meet Amira. But in the meantime, I have some wordsmithing to do. Catch you later!

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