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Holy crap, I haven’t posted in over a month. I had no idea it had been that long, but hey, I’m a full-time student now, that’s my excuse.

I was tagged by the lovely Jadie Jones for the WIP Blog Hop because she is awesome. (Read my review of her books Moonlit and Windswept, they were both 5-stars!)

Here are the rules of the hop: Provide a link back to the person who nominated you, write a little bit about your WIP, and give the first few sentences of the first three chapters. Then nominate a few more writers to do the same.

And we’re off!

My WIP currently in editing is called Daindreth’s Assassin. I’m technically working on the third book in the series while the first is with a beta reader, but since the first isn’t even published, I’m going with the one that started this mess.

Daindreth’s Assassin is what I like to describe as an Epic Fantasy Romance. The basic plot is a killer for hire falls for the prince she was paid to murder. Over the course of the story, she finds herself the only one who can save him from a demon coming to possess him.

I am madly and irrevocably in love with this story and am already planning a spin off series that will take place about one thousand years after this one’s timeline ends. The first two books are drafted and I just finished up the third—which currently has a word count of about 260k. (So, yes, these are very fat books. I did say epic, right?)

Here are the opening lines of the first three chapters of Daindreth’s Assassin. This is only the second/third-ish draft, so be nice. These opening lines also don’t give nearly as much action as the rest of the book. Something to take into account for editing, perhaps.

Chapter One: The stench of fish, sweat, and filth weighted the air like smog.

Chapter Two: Amira made her way across the rain soaked streets of Cadrene, her boots fully splattered with mud by the time she reached the warehouse district.

Chapter Three: It took nearly a week’s hard riding to reach the outskirts of the fiefdom.

Hope you liked it! Check out my Daindreth’s Assassin Pinterest board for a better idea of what the story’s about. 

I am tagging Intisar Khanani, Eli Hinze, Kaitlyn Deann, M.A. Bronson, and Melissa Sasina. Tell us about your WIP’s, ladies!

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