Top Ten Gifts for Fantasy Readers

Top Ten Gifts for Fantasy Readers

Gifts for Fantasy readers are both super easy and super hard. Even if you are a Fantasy reader yourself, it can be a challenge if the person you’re shopping for has slightly different tastes or seems to have everything.

Bearing that in mind, I have put together this list of gifts for Fantasy readers. No matter their age, lifestyle, or subgenre preferences, you should be able to find something here!

Collector’s Edition Lord of the Rings

Even if your Fantasy reader has fifteen copies of The Lord of the Rings, they can always do with one more. One of the truly defining epics of the Fantasy genre, these beautiful collector’s editions are sure to delight any bookworm, but especially if one is partial to Fantasy. subscription

When looking for a book on audio, I always check here first. If your Fantasy reader loves audiobooks, still wants to support indie bookstores, and/or has a bone to pick with the ‘Zon, is the happy alternative. will allow your Fantasy reader to listen to virtually unlimited indie and traditionally published books while supporting the independent bookstore of their choice. Everyone wins!

Fantasy Journal

What could be better than a leatherbound tome with pages primed for tales of your Fantasy reader’s own adventures? Absolutely beautiful, as functional as it is decorative, I can’t think of any Fantasy reader who wouldn’t be overjoyed to find this inside wrapping paper with their name on it. This handmade journal is made by a fantastic mother/daughter team, so your gift will be supporting small business, too!

Fantasy candles

If you want to give your Fantasy reader the gift of a Fantasy atmosphere, these soy-free, eco-friendly candles are a great option. With rotating scents and collections, there is sure to be something new from Mythologie Candles no matter what time of year you find yourself in need of tribute for the Fantasy reader in your life.

Cosmere merch

Perhaps the greatest Fantasy author alive today, your Fantasy reader has definitely heard of Brandon Sanderson, author of the many books and series in the Cosmere universe. Brandon’s store has socks, t-shirts, bookmarks, and more, but I would personally recommend a Mistborn medallion. An absolutely AWESOME piece that will be sure to earn lots of questions and give your Fantasy reader an excuse to talk about some of their favorite books. Hard to go wrong with this one!

Drinking horn

Whether your Fantasy reader is a tea, coffee, wine, or beer drinker, they are sure to be delighted by one of these bad boys. Replete with a horn stand, I got one of these for my last birthday and I am OBSESSED. I can confirm it makes you feel like a barbarian warlord, which is always a good thing.

Sword letter opener

The best part of this gift is that, when lying on your Fantasy reader’s desk at, say, the office, no one can tell if it’s a letter opener or a legit dagger that can plunge into the hearts of their enemies at a moment’s notice.

Fantasy-themed teas

Sometimes you want to sip tea while feeling like you’re in a Fantasy world. With Black Lotus Tea‘s array of flavors, themes, and varieties, you’re sure to find something to delight any tea-drinking Fantasy reader whether they lean toward noblebright or grimdark. (Not gonna lie, Evening with Strahd definitely caught my eye.)

RenFaire tickets

As far as gifts for Fantasy readers, something that will encourage them to leave their home and engage with the world is always a bonus. (Especially since so many of us seem to be introverts.) Tickets to the nearest Renaissance Faire are always a good bet and with many faires offering COVID-19 refund policies, your Fantasy reader should have no problem with flexible scheduling or redeeming their tickets at a later date if need be.

Elven ear cuff

What Fantasy reader HASN’T thought about having elf ears? This stylish ear cuff is perfect for someone who wants to blend in at a first glance, but stand out on closer inspection. Plus, it has sparkles! Much pretty.

There you have it! My recommended gifts for Fantasy readers. Now go forth, valiant holiday shopper, and have much luck in your quest.

If your Fantasy reader happens to love swords, sorcery, and enemies-to-lovers romance, you might want to get them Daindreth’s Assassin, the first in my Dark Fantasy Young Adult Romance series. Check it out below!

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