Top Eight Fantasy Love Songs

Top Eight Fantasy Love Songs

Fantasy love songs combine my love of music, fantasy, and romance. While some of these do have a sad flavor, they’re the perfect accompaniment to your Fantasy Romance reads.

I’ve found them inspiring in my writing and really just life and thought it was about time I shared!

Written in Starlight by Karliene

Karliene has amazing covers and amazing original music and this is one of her older originals. Some of her stuff is absolutely amazing and some of it isn’t my thing, but I say she’s 100% talented and I’ve got nothing but respect for this amazing songstress!

Tragedy and Magic by Leah

Leah is possibly my favorite recording artist in existence. She writes an amazing blend of Fantasy/Celtic/Metal with tunes for rocking out, serenading, or even questing. DEFINITELY check her out.

Carry Me by Eurielle

Spoiler, this music video has a sad ending, but I like to not watch it and listen to the words and imagine a happier one. Eurielle has lots of great tunes similar to this, so 100% look more into her if Fantasy love songs are your jam.

Meet Me on the Battlefield by Svrcina

Svrcina has a longing, sharp edge to her music that I find hard to describe. It’s like the melodies are slicing you sweetly as they stroke your ears. This is one of my favorites by her and I think of it as a love song from The Cat’s Eye Chronicles or something similar.

Tír na nÓg by Celtic Woman

This is the sort of song that makes you jump up and dance in the nearest fairy ring. Dripping with anticipation and a touch of mischief, it makes me think of fae maids and down-on-their-luck knights who have no idea what they’re getting into.

Sacred Vow by Leaves Eyes

Loosely based on a true story, Sacred Vow is the saga of a Viking king whose desired bride refused to marry him until he united Sweden under his rule, so he spends the next two years doing just that. (Talk about standards.)

Greensleeves by Peter Hollyns

This is a folk song, but I’ve always thought of it in context with courtly love and Arthurian sagas. Peter Hollyns loves Fantasy and folk songs and does them really well (a capella, too!) and I’ve really been following him ever since he showed his nerd side.

Midnight Oil (feat. Fleurie) by Tommee Profitt

This might just be one of the sexiest songs on this list, to be honest. I’ve been obsessed with this album for weeks and pretty much everything by Proffitt has a Sci-Fi/Fantasy vibe to it that I could live in. Binge his stuff whenever you get the chance.

Do you have any others you would add? You can listen to this complete playlist on YouTube or Spotify!

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