TEASER: Ensaadi (Warlords of the Sandsea, #1)

TEASER: Ensaadi (Warlords of the Sandsea, #1)

“Ensaadi?” The Dunedrifter, Ashek, held his sword loose at his side. The light caught the scuffs and gashes in his armor, worn from years of hard use. “Are you the ensaadi, woman?”

Talitha adjusted her grip on her own weapon. “I am Talitha of Ilios, eldest heir of the Ensaak of Ilios.”

“How…inconvenient.” The Dunedrifter let off a slow exhale, glancing to where the sand still writhed and roiled in the doomworm burrow.

“My lord?”

“She saved my life.” Ashek said the words almost like a curse. “Me and Eudoras.”

“You sound disappointed.”

Coming January 16, 2018

*Pre-edited excerpt. Subject to change.

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