REVIEW: The Imposter King (The Imposter King, #1) by Eli Hinze

REVIEW: The Imposter King (The Imposter King, #1) by Eli Hinze

To thwart a curse, a fake king enters a fake marriage—but his sacrificial death will be all too real.

As the king of Sippar, Ahsan is surrounded by unparalleled luxury, fawning attendants, and a gorgeous wife. It’s the life he’s always dreamed of, except for three small problems.

One, the palace oracle foretells of a threat that could leave the king dead and the city in ruins.

Two, his marriage to the sharp-tongued priestess Nirah is already in trouble–and they aren’t even really married.

Three, Ahsan is not the real king, but a criminal condemned to die in his place. Selected for the role of imposter king, Ahsan must take the fates’ wrath and assassins’ knives upon himself… and while his crown may be fake, the danger he faces is all too real.

A self-proclaimed coward cursed with a monster living in his skin, Ahsan wants nothing more than to escape the deadly intrigue of Sippar’s royal court. But if he doesn’t stop the king’s would-be killer, it won’t just be one man dead, it will be everyone Ahsan knows and loves—including the pretended queen he might just be coming to care for.

An ancient fantasy novel, The Imposter King is the first in a richly imagined five-book series spanning empires and eons, myths and monsters. Get your copy to begin the adventure today.


I have been excited to read this from the first time I heard about the premise. It did not disappoint! Eli Hinze has gotten better with every single book she has written, perfect for fans of The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. 

Steeped in deep research into Mesopotamian history and mythology, Eli Hinze delivers a Fantasy tale unlike anything I’ve read in a good long while. From the descriptions of the meals to government structure, the world building is superb. The stakes are established from the beginning and only rise higher and higher. I listened to this audiobook at 2.5 speed and finished in a single afternoon because I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. 

This book blends deep inner conflicts and heavy topics with humor, beautiful descriptions, and top-tier snark. I found myself examining moral dilemmas one moment and laughing out loud the next. It was a delightful emotional rollercoaster with a satisfying ending that still has me excited for the next book!

I loved Ahsan from the moment he tried to leap out the window to escape arrest. (Maybe even the moment he fed the stray cats.) He’s an absolute sweetheart while still harboring dark secrets and with a profound desire to just be left alone (relatable). He’s absolutely adorable and I would 100% fight a bear for him. 

Nirah’s sarcasm and pragmatism were a good contrast to the cinnamon roll that is Ahsan. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about her at first, but as soon as she started bantering with Ahsan, I loved her, too. 

The cast of side characters are vibrant and varied and I definitely did not see the plot twist coming at the end about the villain. I can’t wait to return to this world with The Wretched Spy!

Grab The Imposter King here!

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