Release Day: The Heir of Argetallams (Argetallam Saga, #7)

Release Day: The Heir of Argetallams (Argetallam Saga, #7)

Today is the release of the final book in the Argetallam Saga!

In 2011, I released The Key of Amatahns and Janir was introduced to the world. Eight years, I could have never imagined where I’d be now or just what was started that fine summer.

I’m so grateful for Janir and all the wonderful readers I’ve met because of her and her story. Thank you for giving Janir a place on your shelves and in your hearts!

Janir and her people are now the world’s last hope against Malkalar’s sorcery. The battle for Staspin was won, but at great cost. Over the mountains, a remnant of elves has barely survived the plague sent by their former prince. Brevia is scattered and divided in the wake of losing their king. 

Even with the aid of the Argetallams, the allies fail to turn back Malkalar’s witchcraft. Growing desperate, they are left to seek an ancient power none of them can control, none can withstand, and none can predict. Only one thing is for sure—ending Malkalar’s life will cost Janir her own.

Download the eBook or order the paperback now!

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