I turned my book into a podcast

Given the current state of, well, the entire planet, I think we could all use some love. Gifts happen to be my love language, so I decided it was time to take action on a project I’ve been “working on” since last July.

Today, I’m launching my first-ever podcast, Broken Enchantments, available on Google, Apple, YouTube, and Libsyn. Each episode will cover a chapter from my Argetallam Saga. The plan is to go through the entire seven-book series, chapter by chapter. 

I know some of you listen to audiobooks on YouTube and one frustration I’ve heard from those listeners is how easy it is to lose your place between chapters and transitions. Never fear here! I’m breaking the chapters up in part to make YouTube listening easier. 

Episode 1 is now available to the world at any of the links below and you can listen to Episode 2 a week early by joining my brand-new Patreon!

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