Five Top Five: Favorite series subplots

To celebrate the release of The Chalice of Malvron and the five days the first two books will be free, I will be doing a blog feature each day where I talk about the series! So here is the first one. Enjoy!

Lucan and Genvissa

This is a budding subplot that occurred quite by accident. When I wrote the prologue for The Secrets of the Vanmars, I thought I’d add a healer to the scene who would be tending Lucan’s wounds. From there things got out of hand and now the pair have their whole own story that’s already made me smile and cry.

The Lord Argetallam

In the beginning, Janir’s father was meant to be pure evil. Period. Then I started developing him more and exploring his background, his childhood, and his complex psyche and now he is one of my favorite characters. Though it can be hard to see why at this point in the series.

Cyrilius and Janir

I wanted a guardian/protector/Argetallam trainer character for Janir and thus Cyrilius Palivahr Argetallam was born. I have been told by one reader that he is the “hottest” character I have ever written, though I’m not sure why she would think that. The relationship between him and Janir is one of my favorites in the series and I can’t wait to show you guys more of it!


Poor Aryana. Though Janir’s seeress mother was born into a noble household, she was allowed to marry for love, wedding Armandius Caersynn in her later teens. The subplots about her, her husband, and the father of her only child get me excited because the emotions and details involved are so complicated and I love complicated.


Malkalar has had only one scene in the series thus far, but he will be getting many more. I can’t really say why he’s one of my favorite subplots because of spoilers, so you’ll just have to wait! 

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