5 Fantasy books like Throne of Glass

5 Fantasy books like Throne of Glass

Fantasy books like Throne of Glass aren’t as common as Amazon is trying to tell us, in my opinion. I personally think Sarah J. Maas’s other series are COMPLETELY different and a lot of the things I loved in her first book aren’t in her more recent works. 

I’ve put together this list to hopefully help other people find Fantasy books like Throne of Glass if you liked the same things about it I did.

Sora’s Quest by T.L. Shreffler

This is one of my all-time favorite Fantasy series. We have a girl with forbidden powers, a jaded assassin, and an insane mage bent on vengeance at any cost. If you loved the revenge plot, the slow-burn (but oh so worth it) romance, and the high fantasy setting, this one is for you!

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

I would describe Falling Kingdoms as Game of Thrones with a YA rating. The lines between villain and hero are blurred and sometimes shift, but if you liked the politics, interkingdom warfare, and complicated love stories in Throne of Glass, I think you’d like this one!

Of Wolves and Wardens by Sylvia Mercedes

A more recent read of mine, this taps into the same “girl enslaved in order to kill for a bad person” trope. It’s also a retold fairytale with blood, gore, betrayal, enemies-to-lovers romance, and a white-haired shapeshifting love interest. It’s from one of my auto-buy authors, so definitely check this one out!

Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse

If you loved the girl assassin and forbidden magic trope, do I have a treat for you! Magicky murder girl falls in love with magicky cinnamon roll boy and I love it so much! There is dual-wield sword fighting, political intrigue, DRAGONS, and strong sister relationships. Definitely recommend! 

Daindreth’s Assassin by Elisabeth Wheatley

Another example of the “girl assassin enslaved to kill for a bad person” trope, Daindreth’s Assassin mixes the stolen inheritance, revenge, enemies-to-lovers, and “touch him and you die” themes. Perfect for people who like morally gray heroines and soft boy heroes!

Do you know of any other Fantasy books like Throne of Glass? Drop your recommendations below!

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