10 Fantasy Romance novels with Non-Human Heroes

10 Fantasy Romance novels with Non-Human Heroes

10 Fantasy Romance novels with Non-Human Heroes

Fantasy Romance novels with non-human heroes are one of the perfect exmaples of something you could never have in a “real” book. Fae, werewolves, demigods, and dragon shifters are the sole domain of Fantasy Romance, thank you very much.

And we’re proud of it!

The Last Pendragon by Sarah Woodbury

A unique twist on the Arthurian legend, picking up a generation or so after the fall of Arthur, Sarah Woodbury weaves a unique tale with magical swords, forbidden love, curses, angry gods, and all the things we love about Arthuriana. This romantic novella series takes us into an outlandish myth with a painstakingly accurate historical setting. I’m almost done with the eight-part series and absolutely loving it!

Fire in the Blood by W.R. Gingell

DRAGONS. This has DRAGONS. Right away we know there’s awesomeness ahead. This story features a dragon that shifts into a man and a princess who shifts into a dragon. They’re pretty much made for each other. Toss in spells, curses, and that patented Gingell snark and sweetness and I promise you’re in for a treat!

Volcrian’s Hunt

Though this series doesn’t necessarily start out as a Romance, it takes a turn that way, much to my delight. Volcrian’s Hunt ramps up the stakes, the sorcery, and the sword fights! This series is 100% one to check out.

The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo

This was an unforgettable and unexpected twist on Cinderella. Combining the delightfully familiar with a fresh reimagining, Allison Tebo treats us to banter, ballgowns, and baking to die for. A sweet, quick read that made me want more!

Feral by Tenaya Jayne

This book is not for the faint of heart and much darker than some of the others on here. All the same, the world of Regia always delivers gut-wrenching, soul-soaring romance and this was no exception. The dryad/werewolf-hybrid love story complicated by a serial killer stalker and world-reaching political intrigue make for an intense, satisfying story.

Dust by Devon Ashley

I was so happy to see that the last two books in this trilogy are out! In a world where some fairy species enslave others to be used as forced labor, one fairy finds unexpected light in the darkness of captivity when bad behavior earns her a personal guard. This was heartbreaking, sweet, and hopeful and I’m really looking forward to the next two books!

Beyond the Iron Gate by Alicia Michaels

Alicia Michaels has lots of Fantasy Romance novels with non-human heroes, but this is one of my favorites. A Rapunzel retelling complete with an evil queen, a curse, and a swoon-worthy elf for a love interest, this is another book that’s been unforgettable to me.

The Witches’ Sleep by Kaitlyn Deann

While this might be fudged and stashed in Sci-Fi, I think this series definitely has more of a Fantasy flavor. Inspired by the movie Inception, the series revolves around the idea that there’s an alien race that falls into a coma upon reaching puberty and mentally inhabits the body of a human on earth until that human dies. I’m excited for the last book in the trilogy! (Can you hear me Kaitlyn? I WANT IT!)

Fallen Embers by C. S. Marks

I debated whether or not to include this one. While definitely being romantic, I’m not sure it fits into the “Romance” story structure. All the same, I haven’t forgotten this one despite having read it several years ago. Sometimes the characters still talk to me (not crazy, just imaginative) and I like to think about what they’d be up to. It’s a beautifully tragic story and I do recommend it.

Magian by Elisabeth Wheatley

The hero of Magian, Gilsazi, actually started out as a lawful evil tiefling in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. By the time he got into the world of the Sandsea, he was a tavrosi, a horned, amazingly strong, nearly extinct subspecies of human. Kasrei walked onto the scene as I was writing my character backstory and one of my favorite couples in the Sandsea was created!

How do you feel about Fantasy Romance novels with non-human heroes? Do you have a favorite?

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