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The Archduke (EBOOK)

The Archduke (EBOOK)

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Daindreth had spent most of his life learning to ignore the voice in his head, but that didn’t stop the demon—the cythraul—from speaking.

Daindreth Fanduillion has learned to live with it after inheriting the curse that drove his father mad, but a sorceress’s assassination attempt changes everything. She fails, but temporarily frees him from the demon that has plagued him for more than half his life.

To his surprise, Daindreth learns that she is Amira Brindonu, half-sister to his betrothed and daughter of a sworn enemy. Guilty of high treason, she should be sent to the gallows, but Amira is his only hope and Daindreth is willing to pay any price for the chance at a cure.

Against the advice of his friends and advisors, he becomes determined to do whatever he must to win her over into his service—if she doesn’t kill him first.

Then again, losing his life seems a small price to pay for the chance to save his soul.

 The Archduke is a 18,500-word companion novella telling the story of Amira and Daindreth’s meeting from Daindreth’s point of view. It can be read before or after Daindreth’s Assassin.

Reading order

0. The Archduke***
1. Daindreth’s Assassin
2. Daindreth’s Outlaw
3. Daindreth’s Traitor
4. Daindreth’s Sorceress (releases July 2023)
5. Daindreth’s Empress (releases January 2024)

***The Archduke is a companion novella showing events from Daindreth's perspective in the first half of Book #1. It can be read before or after the main books.

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Customer Reviews

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Dominika Grzybowska

The Archduke (EBOOK)

Dani M
A Fun Look into Daindreth's POV and High Praise for the Author

What can I say about Elisabeth's writing that hasn't already been said by those much more qualified to review books than me? Casually drifting in and out of the literature world, I never feel right calling myself a "reader" nor have I felt the need to post my own opinions on what I do read for those who are constantly immersed in the literature community to read and make decisions on what they should read. HOWEVER, and I cannot stress this enough, I am obsessed with the world Elisabeth has created in the Daindreth's Assassin series. Skipping sleep, reading while working and even in the shower! That's the state I've found myself in ever since I've discovered her work and knowing that I have to wait months for the final installment kills me in so many different ways.
As for this novella, this was my first look into Daindreth's POV and he is just as humble and lovable here as he comes across in Book One from Amira's perspective. I do wish it had gone a little longer so we could experience his thoughts when he first started to develop feelings for his bride-to-be, but overall this was a great look into his dynamic with Ca Iss and his feelings towards Thadred and what was going through his mind during the assassination attempt and his decision to flip the world on its axis and ask for Amira's hand in marriage instead of her sister. His hope and desperation for some kind of relief from his curse and his regret for using Amira's curse against her and making her feel like she could be executed at any moment was so gutwrenching. He truly is such a wonderful character and getting this opportunity to know him more intimately was a pleasure.
All of Elisabeth's characters feel so real and it is so easy to get caught in their world and feel their emotions. Please read everything in this series if you can!

Alyssa Vandeventer

The Archduke (Daindreth's Assassin companion novella) - EBOOK

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